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EEG & PPA electricity marketing

Stable prices, secure buyers and independence from the subsidy model of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG): we ensure security on the electricity market through the conclusion of power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Reliability pays off

Our associate Hartree Partners, with their in-depth and long-standing expertise, ensure the best possible marketing of the electricity generated by our ground-mounted photovoltaic systems through the conclusion of PPAs with industry, commerce and utilities, as well as on the wholesale market.

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Through Hartree, we have direct access to information on pricing and on the geopolitical development of electricity markets worldwide. This enables us to offer our landowners and municipalities secure shares in the electricity revenues.

The economic independence from state subsidies and the future-orientated assessment of market risks give us the flexibility to design our PV projects in the best possible way for each region.

International electricity trading

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are the answer to the decrease in state remuneration for renewable energies and the simultaneous rise in wholesale electricity prices.

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are long-term contracts concluded between NaGa Solar (operator of the PV system) and the electricity buyer (consumer) that guarantee the supply and origin of the electricity at a fixed price. The PPA structuring is also covered by NaGa Solar.

Your benefits at a glance

Stable prices

Plannable revenue for greater security.

Positive influence

A valuable contribution to the energy transition.


Long-term contracts provide reliable income.


In-depth expertise in international electricity trading without the involvement of third-party companies.