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For municipalities

Our society is facing a great many challenges. Now more than ever, we need people who are willing to act and make a difference. Make the switch to climate-neutral power generation and strengthen your region.


Creating opportunities for all

As a municipality, you stand to benefit considerably from our solar projects. Our regional project developers will actively involve you in the process from day one. This enables us to fully understand and respond to local conditions and to optimally integrate our solar projects into the landscape and your community. Our company philosophy takes into account the need to protect the natural world and the environment.

Because we know that we can only pave the way to a climate-friendly future together.

Your benefits at a glance

Regional value creation

Solar parks provide years of work for local planning offices, surveyors, biologists and construction companies.

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The ongoing care and management required – for example by beekeepers, sheep herders and maintenance companies – also increases the attractiveness of your region.

Trade tax revenue

As a municipality, you are entitled to the trade tax (Gewerbesteuer) generated by the PV system, thus ensuring a steady revenue stream.

Support for community projects

Community involvement is an important part of our company culture. For example, we support nurseries, schools, fire brigades and associations in our project regions.

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It is also possible to integrate PV systems into energy-focused educational trails, or to install charging facilities for e-bikes or e-cars, for example.


We listen to and involve communities as early as possible in project planning. This enables us to implement local ideas as to how to best integrate the system into the surrounding landscape, thus ensuring greater citizen acceptance.

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It is also possible to purchase a stake in a solar farm and generate additional regular income for your municipality.

Improved carbon footprint

From the generation of local, climate-friendly power to a permanent and independent supply of renewable energy.

Support for the energy transition

Join us in driving the energy transition forward – by generating sustainable, decentralised solar energy within your community.

Assumption of costs

All costs related to planning, development and construction are borne by NaGa Solar as the developer.

Leasing income

By leasing your municipal land, you can also secure an attractive source of additional income for more than 30 years.

Let’s make a difference together

Would you like to create better prospects for your community and help drive forward the energy transition? Join us as we pave the way to a climate-friendly future.