Power Purchase Agreements

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are the answer to decreasing state subsidies for renewable energies as well as increasing wholesale prices for electricity. Through a long-term contract between the operator of the solar plant and the electricity consumer, electricity and guarantees of origin are purchased at a fixed price. Customers can be traditional energy suppliers or utilities, electricity traders as well as companies that not only secure their long-term electricity purchase conditions with a PPA, but also make a contribution to fight of climate change and the progress of the renewable energy transition without state subsidies.

Especially in times of rapidly rising wholesale prices for electricity, a PPA represents a win-win situation for buyers and sellers – on the project side long-term price stability and thus predictable revenues and bankability, on the buyer side long-term stable costs and a clearly communicable commitment to the energy transition.

PPA process

NaGa Solar recognized the trend towards subsidy-free implementation of PV ground mount projects early on and has adjusted its operations accordingly. So far, 11 MWp of PV projects have already successfully implemented without claiming remuneration in accordance with the EEG and over 100 MWp are RTB. In the future, this subsidy-free type of project development will be strengthened further – and thanks to our in-house expertise in negotiating, structuring and implementing stable and financially viable PPAs, we are well prepared for this future.

We also offer various products for local municipal utilities and energy suppliers in the communities where we operate. For example, there is the possibility of jointly offering local electricity tariffs for citizens and businesses via electricity deliveries from the solar plants to the municipal utilities – short-term or long-term, at a fixed price or variable price.

Through the joint venture Ampyr Solar Europe, in which NaGa Solar combines forces with Hartree Partners and AGP, the in-depth knowledge and expertise from electricity trading can be used to conclude ideal PPAs for solar projects.

What we can offer electricity consumers:

  • Customized PPAs for the respective electricity buyer from physical to virtual/financial
  • “Behind-the-meter” with direct feed via its own connection to the power plant or via the public grid
  • PPA structures that are ideally suited to electricity procurement – from Pay-As-Produced to fixed timetables
  • Long-term price security thanks to a fixed price for electricity and guarantees of origin
  • Real green electricity without the use of subsidies under the EEG – on request with active support in marketing
  • Many years of experience in concluding PPAs – including in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework

Kontaktieren Sie uns unter ppa@nagasolar.de und sprechen Sie uns noch heute an, um mehr über unsere PV-Projekte und PPA-Angebote zu erfahren!