Henny Pelsers

CEO and Brain behind NaGa Solar

The start of NaGa Solar

Henny Pelsers has been owner of NaGa Solar since 1999. Experienced in developing, building and financing solar parks. Henny Pelsers specially finds the dynamic market interesting and is keen on playing a role in the sustainability of the society. Continuously experimenting in different markets and developing new ideas. One of the reasons why NaGa Solar has been successful in exploiting innovative concepts in the renewable energy sector.

Initiating the idea

Coordinating development

Solidifying the project

Overseeing the whole process

NaGa Solar - Henny Pelsers bij doop Dutch Solar Boat

Henny's daily activities

In his position as CEO of this solar company he travels to different locations to negotiate with investors and municipalities. Various new collaborations commence  with advisors, legal teams and engineers. Henny Pelsers creates partnerships for NaGa Solar all over the Netherlands and beyond, with the key goal to find suitable locations to develop renewable energy solutions. On top of this, he consults with NaGa’s project managers, finance and marketing team. The work he does, he finds particularly enjoyable as he gets to experiment with new project concepts, initiating and developing the process from start to finish.