Ground-mounted solutions

We develop and realize ground-mounted solar parks in a wide variety of locations: agricultural land, grassland, conversion areas and former landfills or mining areas. Double-land use is one of our most important goals, for example by grazing sheep, by developing closed landfills or by focusing on wasteland. In our process, we pay particular attention to landscape integration and social concerns of local residents in order to achieve the greatest possible acceptance in the area surrounding the solar parks. In this way, we can provide additional value for the project regions measured in sustainable and many other terms. This proves that the energy transition can go hand in hand with nature and society.

Rotthalmuenster Projekt

Types of ground-mounted solutions

Agricultural land

Solar park biodiversity

Agricultural land offers the greatest potential for large-scale solar park development. Project sizes vary between one single hectare to more than 100 hectares. By focusing on dual land use and good landscaping design, we take into account the surrounding environment and realize solar parks where the site and surroundings retain their natural appearance.


Project Louisegroeve

Closed landfills and former mining areas (e.g. gravel or sand pits) represent a perfect opportunity for solar park development. Generally, such areas are poorly suited for other uses due to the risks associated with building on the land and the unattractive landscape. Solar parks on former landfills are the perfect solution to make such sites usable again and give new value to otherwise unusable land.

Industrial land

Solar Project Groene Hoek

Due to their structure with many businesses, industrial areas have a high energy demand and are therefore ideally suited for photovoltaic plants. Both roof-mounted and ground-mounted systems play a major role here. These can supply the industrial area or individual companies directly with their own electricity. Former conversion areas (military/economic) are also perfectly suited for the operation of photovoltaic plants.

How the NaGa process works

We get to know each other

At first, we would like to have a proper introduction in which we get to know your wishes, beliefs and opinions. Together with you, we look into the possibilities and specific sensitivities of the location, dependent of your needs.

We develop

After reaching an agreement, we start developing. We take care of everything: building permits, subsidies, financing, design, contracts and legal matters. The outcome of the development is a ready-to-build solar-PV project.

You enjoy the sun

We coordinate the actual construction of the ready-to-build project, including final engineering, procurement and construction management. Coordinating and contracting long-term operation and maintenance  is also under our scope. If required, we can be your investor – or find your investor!

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